Leonard Felder, Ph.D.
The Ten Challenges


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Binding: Paperback
Pages: 276
ISBN(10):  1-879215-48-9
ISBN(13): 978-1-879215-48-1
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This book focuses on the wisdom of the writings commonly known as the Ten Commandments as a source of guidance on how to live a meaningful and satisfying life. Written from the perspective of a psychologist, the book focuses on practical living, not on religious instruction. Interpretations from all major religions, as well as philosophical and psychological thought are drawn on to make this a well rounded and broad-based analysis of the timeless wisdom of the Ten Commandments.


"Leonard Felder has done a marvelous job of integrating the spiritual wisdom of the Ten Commandments with deep psychological insight in a way that provides the reader with a superb practical guide for improving the quality of one's life." -Rabbi David Cooper, author of The Heart of Stillness

 "Dr. Felder draws from his own life of challenges, the deep well of religious beliefs, and a most successful current practice to provide us with an extraordinarily readable and useful description of what it really takes to make us feel fulfilled, justified, and content." -Mario M. Cuomo, former governor of New York


 "In this time of spiritual searching, Dr. Leonard Felder offers an engaging and user-friendly entry point into some of the richest teachings of faith. Our families and communities will be strengthened by this practical and profound exploration of a life which integrates body, mind, spirit and heart. For a more satisfying and connected life, spend some time with The Ten Challenges." - Reverend Patricia Farris, United Methodist Church



  • Discovering the Still Small Voice Within
  • Breaking Free of Unfulfilling Paths and Habits
  • Learning to Control Anger, Insecurity, and Self-Righteousness
  • The Struggle to Unhook from Your Everyday Pressures and Connect with Something Profoundly Joyful
  • How Do You Honor a Parent When There's Tension Between You?
  • What You Can Do to Prevent the Crushing of a Person's Spirit
  • How to Elevate Your Sexuality to Greater Sacredness and Fulfillment
  • Accomplishing Your Goals Without Mistreating Other People
  • Reducing Gossip and Hurtful Talk in Your Daily Life
  • The Way to Feel Good About What You Have

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