Janet O. Hagberg,
Real Power
Stages of Personal Power in Organizations,
Third Edition


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Pages: 316
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Janet O. Hagberg has written a dynamic book about power -real, personal power- for forward-looking people and organizations who want to harness their own power for the common good. "I wrote this book," says Hagberg, "to transform the way we think about power and leadership. It takes people on a journey beyond achievement and sucess to a stance in which power comes from their inner core and they lead from their souls."

There is no doubt that the world is ready for a new model of leadership. In this third edition, Janet Hagberg addresses much that she has learned from her readers. The result is a deepening of the descriptions of each stage, a new way to think about the dark side of each stage, new stories of each stage derived from her readers, a connection to the spirituality expressed at each stage, as well a description of "The Wall" between Stages Four and Five. Throughout the book, the author adds more of her personal story to illustrate her experiences and observations of each of the stages of power.


Real Power is inspiring and insightful! The content is timely for individuals in the 1990s who are challenging traditional wisdom governing American business, government and education. Janet Hagberg’s six Stages of Personal Power in Organizations should be read by every professional wanting to learn and apply new paradigms to ensure individual and organizational success.” —Sharon A. Wulf, Northeastern University, Business Consultant

"Janet has the knack of revealing the darkest truths about our managerial selves...and then leading us on a journey to find personal leadership style." -Susan Boren, Dayton Hudson Corporation, Group Vice President

"Real Power is one of the three best books I have read in 25 years. Power is the dominant issue of our time. Janet Hagberg has been able to speak to the real problems faced by my friends, students, and clients. Her work speaks to those issues in a clear, direct and interesting way." -George Shapiro, University of Minnesota, Distinguished Professor

"This is a vital book because it shows that 'real power' is to be found where the inner life of reflection and the outer life of action intersect. Our own health, and the health of our institutions depends on our ability to live at this crossroads, and Janet Hagberg offers a superb map to help us find that place." ─Parker Palmer, Author, Educator, Activist

  • Completely revised, 2003 edition
  • Hagberg's Stages of Power applied to many areas of leadership
  • Revolutionary thinking on leading from the soul
  • Chapters on both women and men and power-how they differ
  • Useful as a text in a variety of college classes
  • Excellent as a guide to personal growth
  • Easily adaptable to use in corporate leadership seminars

Janet O. Hagberg is an author, public speaker, spiritual director, and social activist. She has written seven books including The Inventurers, Real Power, Wrestling with Your Angels, and The Critical Journey. She is currently the Executive Director of The Silent Witness Initiative. This organization's goal is to eliminate domestic violence homicides by the year 2010.


I believe individuals and organizations are more receptive than ever to the ideas in Real Power and to true leadership. The pace of change and the pressure on organizations to find ways to innovate are stronger, and it will take leaders of immense courage, who operate beyond the cultural norms to move us into the twenty-first century.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface to the Revised Edition
  • Preface
  • Introduction: What Is This Book About?
  • Chapter 1 – Stage One: Powerlessness
  • Chapter 2 – Stage Two: Power by Association
  • Chapter 3 – Stage Three: Power by Symbols
  • Chapter 4 – Stage Four: Power by Reflection
  • Chapter 5 – Stage Five: Power by Purpose
  • Chapter 6 – Stage Six: Power by Gestalt
  • Chapter 7 – Leadership and Power
  • Chapter 8 – Managing People at Various Stages
  • Chapter 9  – Women and Power
  • Chapter 10 – Men and Power
  • Chapter 11 – Beyond Ego and Gender: Leading From Your Soul
  • Appendix: The National Personal Power Survey
  • Bibliography

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